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BAE Systems to start production of Hunter-class frigate for Australian Navy in 2020.

| 2019

BAE Systems plans to start the production of the Hunter-class frigate for Australian Navy in 2020. On 29 June 2018, BAE Systems Australia has been awarded a contract by the Australian Government that provides the framework for the design and build of nine Hunter Class frigates.

BAE Systems to start production of Hunter class frigate for Australian Navy in 2020 925 001 Drawing of the future Hunter-class frigate (Picture source BAE Systems)

BAE Systems Australia has confirmed a potential move to position the company's Hunter-class frigate design for the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN).

The Hunter Class frigate incorporates years of investment in digital design techniques and builds on the UK Royal Navy’s formidable pedigree in anti-submarine warfare and extensive operational experience.It will be constructed on a specifically developed acoustically quiet hull and features unique sonar capabilities, modular digital design and open systems architecture to facilitate through-life support and upgrades as new technology develops.

The Hunter Class frigate has been designed for maximum versatility and flexibility in operational roles, from humanitarian and disaster relief operations to high-intensity warfare. The first three ships of the Hunter class will proudly carry the names of three major Australian regions, all with strong historical maritime and naval ties. HMA Ships Flinders (II) (SA region named for explorer Captain Matthew Flinders - first circumnavigation of Australia and identified it as a continent); Hunter (NSW region named for Vice-Admiral John Hunter – first fleet Captain and 2nd Governor of NSW); and Tasman (state and sea named for explorer Abel Tasman – first known European explorer to reach Tasmania, New Zealand and Fiji).

The integrated Mission Bay and Hangar is capable of supporting multiple helicopters, unmanned vehicles, boats, mission loads and disaster relief stores. A launcher can be provided for fixed wing UAV operation and the Flight Deck is capable of landing a Chinook helicopter for transport of embarked forces.

Main armament of the Hunter-class frigate will include a 5in, 62-calibre Mk 45 Mod 4 naval gun system and a Mk 41 vertical launch system fitted on the bow section of the ship. It will feature weapon mounts to house two 30mm short-range guns and two 20mm close-in weapon systems.

The Hunter-class frigate can also be armed with MU90 torpedoes, Standard Missile 2 (SM2) and Evolved SeaSparrow Missiles (ESSM). It can also be fitted with other advanced anti-ship missiles and a Nulka decoy launch system.

BAE Systems to start production of Hunter class frigate for Australian Navy in 2020 925 002

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