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Video: Turkish Naval Defense Technology at IDEF 2017.

| 2017
IDEF 2017 Naval News - Video coverage
Video: Turkish Naval Defense Technology at IDEF 2017
Coverage of the latest Turkish naval defence technology unveiled for the first time at IDEF 2017, the international defense exhibition currently held in Istanbul, Turkey.
In this video, coverage of:
- Istanbul I-class Frigate
- Aselsan CAFRAD radar for TF2000
- Aselsan HIZIR-LFAS towed sonar
- Aselsan ORKA Torpedo
- Aselsan ZARGANA decoy launcher for submarine
- Aselsan Albatros-T USV target boat
- Aselsan PIRI IRST
- Aselsan STAMP-2 RWS
- Aselsan TUFAN rail gun
- TAIS / SEDEF Shipyard LHD for Turkish Navy
- STM TF-4500 Frigate
- STM Fast Attack Craft FAC 55
- ARES Shipyard ARES 100 SAT special operations boat

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