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US Navy Commissions its 2nd DDG 51 Flight IIA Restart - USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115.

| 2017
Naval Forces News - USA
US Navy Commissions its 2nd DDG 51 Flight IIA Restart - USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115
The U.S. Navy commissioned its newest guided-missile destroyer, the USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115), during a ceremony Saturday, July 29, at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego. USS Rafael Peralta honors Marine Corps Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for actions during combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Peralta is credited with saving the lives of fellow Marines during the second battle of Fallujah in 2004.
US Navy Commissions its 2nd DDG 51 Flight IIA Restart - USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115BATH, Maine - The future USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) successfully completed acceptance trials Dec. 16 after spending two days underway off the coast of Maine. (Photo by U.S. Navy)
DDG 115 is the second DDG 51 (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer) Flight IIA Restart and the first built by Bath Iron Works after a four-year break in the U.S. Navy’s DDG 51 program and demonstrates the versatility and craftsmanship of the shipyard’s workers.

Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, delivered the ceremony's principal address. Ms. Rosa Maria Peralta, Sgt. Peralta's mother, served as the ship's sponsor.

"This commissioning memorializes the life of Sgt. Rafael Peralta and marks the beginning of what will be decades of exceptional service for this ship," said the Honorable Sean Stackley, acting secretary of the Navy. "During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sgt. Peralta acted heroically and sacrificed himself for his fellow Marines. He was proud to be an American, proud to be a Marine and we are proud to welcome USS Rafael Peralta to the fleet. I have no doubt the men and women who serve aboard Peralta will continue his legacy of service."
US Navy Commissions DDG 51 Flight IIA Restart USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115Commissioning ceremony. US Navy picture.
USS Rafael Peralta is equipped with the Aegis Baseline 9 Combat System which includes an Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) capability incorporating Ballistic Missile Defense 5.0 Capability Upgrade and Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air capability. The ship’s IAMD radar will provide increased computing power and radar upgrades that improve detection and reaction capabilities against modern air warfare threats. The Aegis Combat System will enable the ship to link radars with other ships and aircraft to provide a composite picture of the battlespace and effectively increase the theater space.

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