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Navantia, Saab and CEA Join Forces for Canada's CSC Frigate Program.

| 2017
Naval Industry News - Spain, Australia, Canada
Navantia, Saab and CEA Join Forces for Canada's CSC Frigate Program
A Navantia-led team has submitted its tender response for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program, with global defence and security company Saab as the Combat Systems Integrator (CSI) and CEA Technologies providing key elements of the proposed solution.
CSC Navantia F 105 Frigate CanadaThe frigate design submited by Navantia for CSC is fitted with a 127mm main gun by Leonardo, a CEAFAR2 radar by CEA, 2x RAM launchers by Raytheon, 2x 35mm Millenium CIWS guns by Rheinmetall, 48x VLS and 8x RBS-15 Mk3 anti-ship missiles by Saab.
With a strong heritage in designing and building frigates and destroyers and proven technology transfer in global programs, the Navantia team offers the best capability for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian shipbuilding industry.

Navantia has a proud history of delivering for partner navies around the world, most recently supporting the delivery the destroyer HMAS Hobart to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

“The team of Navantia, Saab and CEA demonstrates the potential of Australia’s sovereign shipbuilding enterprise and underlines Navantia’s genuine commitment to Australian industry as well as our belief in the competitiveness of Australian-developed capability,” says Navantia Australia Chairman Warren King.

“Navantia’s partnership with Australia on the Hobart Class destroyers has provided the RAN with the most capable warship it has ever operated. Over the last decade Navantia Australia has grown into a genuinely Australian shipbuilder and we have built partnerships with industry, government, academia and vocational training institutions. Navantia is proud to now have the opportunity to lead this major Australian export opportunity. The total value of the CSC program is over AU$57 billion and the partnership between Navantia, Saab and CEA demonstrates the strong potential of Australian industry and vindicates the Australian Government’s focus on building sovereign capability”, says Navantia Australia Chairman Warren King.
SEA5000 Fincantieri PACIFIC 2017Navantia's SEA5000 proposal is based on the Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyer design. The CSC proposal is likely to be very similar, with the CEA radar
Navantia Spain has been working closely with Saab Australia, and CEA on the CSC program. The capability of both companies will provide a significant technological edge for the Royal Canadian Navy. Saab had to prequalify for the Combat System Integrator role on the Canadian Surface Combatant program.

“That Saab was the only local Australian company that qualified as a viable combat system integrator for the Canadian Surface Combatant program, demonstrates the high capability of our local workforce and the credibility of the naval solutions we have delivered to the RAN and for other export markets. The confidence of the Australian Government in mandating Saab combat system and tactical interfaces across the whole RAN fleet demonstrates the strength of our capability” says Saab Australia Managing Director Andy Keough.

“Saab’s expertise in developing high quality solutions for Australian programs in partnership with Navantia, CEA Technologies and others allows us to provide a low-risk, high capability solution for Canada, which will be fully interoperable with partner navies such as the United States and Australia as well as other NATO allies”, concludes Patrick Palmer, Head of Saab Canada.”

The submission of the CSC bid is also a significant moment for CEA Technologies, providing further opportunities for global partnership and recognition of the radar expertise the company has built in Canberra.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Canada in the CSC program,” says CEA Technologies CEO Merv Davis.

“We can deliver a mature radar which is outperforming the expectations of the RAN and has substantial potential for future growth. Building partnerships through international programs such as CSC is an opportunity for CEA to continue to develop our innovative solutions. We are proud to be able to provide our Australian technologies to our international partners and allies”, says CEA Technologies CEO Merv Davis.

Under the CSC program, the Royal Canadian Navy will acquire up to 15 frigates to replace the Iroquois Class destroyers and Halifax Class frigates. Construction of the frigates will begin in the early 2020s.

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