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Several NATO Countries Including Poland Aim to Build Drone Wall.

A coalition of countries, including Poland, the Baltic states, Norway, and Finland, has committed to building a "drone wall" to secure their borders. On May 24, 2024, the Lithuanian government announced that it and five other NATO members neighboring Russia had agreed to create a "drone wall" to protect their borders from potential "provocations."
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AI-generated image of a swarm of drones representing the future Drone Wall. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite revealed the plan to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for border protection following discussions with her counterparts from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, and Poland. "This initiative is unprecedented, a drone wall extending from Norway to Poland, designed to utilize drones and advanced technologies for border security," Bilotaite told the BNS news agency.

The plan includes the use of physical infrastructure and surveillance systems, as well as drones and other technologies, to prevent provocations from hostile nations and curb smuggling activities.

The participating countries have agreed to evaluate the required measures and, with expert guidance, national authorities will draft a plan for implementing the "drone wall." While Bilotaite could not specify a timeline for the project's completion, she emphasized the potential use of EU funds to support this initiative.

The initiative to build the "drone wall" marks a significant advancement in the defense strategy of the Baltic countries and their Nordic allies against potential threats. These countries also aim to create specialized units within their border services dedicated to using UAVs for surveillance and defense against hostile drones. Lithuania has already established a special unit within its State Border Guard Service for these operations.

Map of countries potentially participating in the "Drone's Wall" project. ( Picture Source: Army Recognition)

Lithuanian officials indicated that other nations would need to invest more to prepare for this new form of defense. European Union funding could be crucial for implementing this initiative. If joint solutions are approved, a request for European funds will be submitted, increasing the chances of financing by the European Commission.

In addition to this initiative, the Baltic states have announced the construction of over 1,000 concrete bunkers along their borders with Russia and Belarus. This project, known as the "Baltic Defense Line," will include anti-tank mines, trenches, barbed wire, concrete obstacles for tanks, and ammunition depots near the borders. Construction is set to begin in January next year.

Drones have proven their effectiveness during the conflict in Ukraine, making it unsurprising to see an association of countries aiming to counter this new threat. Army Recognition reported on various solutions developed against this threat on May 27, 2024.

While this plan seems highly relevant given regional tensions and the formidable efficiency of drones, the Lithuanian minister did not provide further details about the wall, particularly technical details regarding its concrete implementation. More information from other countries and confirmation of their participation in this project will be needed. This is an ongoing story to watch.

A Norwegian Drone during an exercise. ( Picture Source: Norwegian MoD)

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