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Eurosatory 2024: Rheinmetall unveils its New KF51-U Main Battle Tank fitted with Unmanned Turret.

On June 17, 2024, Rheinmetall unveiled its new tank, the KF51-U, equipped with a high-tech uncrewed turret, formerly known as CUT (Concept Uncrewed Turret), at Eurosatory 2024. The main armament of the KF51-U is the 130 mm Future Gun System with a barrel length of 51 calibers. The armament is fed by an automated magazine located in the rear part of the turret, capable of feeding 25 shells.

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Rheinmetall KF51-U Main Battle Tank (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The turret is also equipped with a coaxial .50 heavy machine gun as well as a controlled combat station, equipped with a Main Sensor Slaved Armament (MSSA) weapon system equipped with a Rheinmetall RMG762 machine gun. with three rotating barrels. This system makes it possible to maintain a continuous fire even if one of the barrels is on fire.

The crew members are equipped with day and night vision optics and integrated laser rangefinders. The shooter uses modern SEOSS 400s. Observers and shooters can observe independently of each other and assign and engage targets. The KF51-U therefore has hunter-killer and killer-killer capability.

The KF51-U is also equipped with an electrical fire control system, C4I equipment, and other parts of the sensor system, including a weather sensor. The SAS system (Situational Awareness System) guarantees superior situationality. Active and passive protection systems, such as the Active Protection System APS or Iron Fist, as well as soft-kill protection systems such as MUSS and ROSY rapid obscurant system protect the crew and the set against a wide range of enemy threats.

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