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Eurosatory 2024: BAE Systems highlights BvS10 BEOWULF tracked articulated all-terrain vehicle.

BAE Systems Hägglunds has unveiled its latest development, the BvS10 BEOWULF, at EuroSatory 2024. This amphibious twin-body vehicle is designed to offer unmatched mobility and adaptability in diverse and demanding environments. As a successor to the proven BvS10 family, the BEOWULF combines well-established technology with cutting-edge innovations, making it an optimal solution for military missions, disaster relief, and other demanding operations.
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BAE Systems BvS10 BEOWULF All-Terrain Vehicle
(Picture source: Army Recognition)

Developed by BAE Systems Hägglunds in Sweden, the BvS10 BEOWULF is an advanced amphibious twin-body vehicle, renowned for its unparalleled mobility and adaptability across a wide range of environments and challenging scenarios. Originating from the combat-proven BvS10 family, the BEOWULF inherits a legacy of reliability and durability that ensures high system availability worldwide.

Equipped with a 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six engine and an Allison automatic transmission, the vehicle is designed for powerful performance with an output of 210 kW and significant torque of 970 Nm. This configuration allows the BEOWULF to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h on land and 4 km/h in water, offering a range of 400 to 1000 km depending on the configuration, making it ideal for rapid deployment military roles and extended relief operations.

One of the notable features of the BEOWULF is its exceptional mobility. Capable of climbing 45-degree slopes, crossing 2-meter gaps, and handling steep inclines and difficult terrain without preparation, its amphibious nature significantly broadens its operational field. The vehicle's flexibility is further highlighted by its payload capacity—up to 8,000 kg split between its two modules, which can be reconfigured with special cabins or cargo supplies according to mission requirements.

The BvS10 BEOWULF also focuses on crew comfort and reducing maintenance burdens, incorporating commercial automotive technologies and ergonomics into its design. The interior offers a modern design solution with a user-friendly interface, facilitated by the C-rail system that allows easy installation of interchangeable equipment. This adaptability makes the BEOWULF not only a military asset but also a vital resource for humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR), firefighting, and rescue missions.

As global conditions demand vehicles capable of performing in extreme and diverse situations, the BvS10 BEOWULF stands out as a symbol of innovation and operational readiness, prepared to serve and succeed where other vehicles cannot. Whether navigating rocky mountains or crossing deep waters, the BEOWULF ensures that no terrain is impassable, affirming its position as a vital asset in both military and civilian operations.

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