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MSPO 2019 : Modified BWR-1D tracked reconnaissance combat vehicle.

| 2019

Modified BWR vehicles (BWR-1D and BWR-1S) are currently the only specialized reconnaissance vehicle on tracked chassis in the polish armed forces, equipped with the newest technical systems enabling effective reconnaissance at the tactical level in the modern battlefield.

MSPO 2019 Modified BWR 1D Reconnaissance combat vehicle 925 001
Modified BWR-1D Reconnaissance combat vehicle (Picture source Army Recognition)

The BWR-1 modified vehicle integrates now technologically advanced systems/devices such as the external communication based on Harrys and Radmor digital radio systems, IT system with a digital internal communication system, observation system based on the JIM LR multifunctional thermal binoculars, integrated ZIG-T-2R optoelectronic head, ground surveillance radar SR HAWK, navigation and positioning systems (inertial Talin 5000 and DAGR GPS device), vehicle self Protection system SSP-1N OBRA13, chemical contamination control device APC 4, miniature mine detector MIMID, mobile DPO Radiometer, multi-spectral BERBERYS Type C masking coverage, generator 2kw, parking heater, passing sighting devices, tracks with rubber pads, ergonomic seats for crew members and enlarged fuel tanks in the rear doors

According to declarations that had been issued by the MoD, all 38 vehicles are to be modernized by 2022, which will introduce an actual improvement of capabilities when it comes to the operations undertaken by the reconnaissance elements of the land forces. Usually, units as such operate at the frontline or behind the enemy lines. The modifications are also supported economically. A modified platform received an entirely new equipment package realistically enhancing its combat capabilities, with the cost maintained at a decently reasonable level at the same time.

BWR-1 is the only specialized tracked reconnaissance vehicle operated by the Polish military now. Most of the brigades, including the armoured ones, use the BRDM-2 4x4 vehicles as the primary asset of the reconnaissance elements. In case of the units operating the Rosomak APC, regular combat APC is used to carry out reconnaissance tasks, as the specialist R1/R2 versions are yet to be introduced into service. Ultimately BWRs would be replaced by the new generation tracked platform, based on the new Borsuk IFV.


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