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ExpoDefensa 2019: MBDA ready to provide naval and air-to-air missiles to Colombian armed forces.

| 2019

At ExpoDefensa 2019, International Defense and Security exhibition in Colombia, MBDA, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of missile systems, presents possible upgrade solutions for the Almirante Padilla-class frigate of Colombian Navy with VL-MICA or SeaCeptor (CAMM) air-defense missile systems as well as air-to-air missile solutions for the next fighter aircraft of Colombian Air Force.

MBDA ready to provide naval and air to air missiles to Colombian armed forces ExpoDefensa 2019 925 001
MBDA can provide missile systems in the fields of Land, Air and Navy. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Colombian Air Force seeks to replace the aging Kfir fighter aircraft, for this project, there are three potential competitors including SAAB Gripen, Eurofighter Typhoon, and American F-16 Block 50. Some missile solutions are already mounted on Gripen and Typhoon fighter as the Meteo air-to-air missile.

Meteor is an active radar-guided beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) developed by MBDA. Meteor offers a multi-shot capability against long-range maneuvering targets, jets, UAVs and cruise missiles in a heavy electronic countermeasures (ECM) environment with range well in excess of 150 kilometers, but a no-escape zone of over 60 km is largest among air-to-air missiles according to the manufacturer. A solid-fueled ramjet motor allows the missile to cruise at a speed of over Mach 4 and provides the missile with thrust and mid-way acceleration to target intercept.

MBDA ready to provide naval and air to air missiles to Colombian armed forces ExpoDefensa 2019 925 002
Scale model of Eurofighter Typhoon armed with Meteor, ASRAAM, SPEAR and BRIMSTONE missiles. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Colombia has also launched a program to replace Almirante Padilla-class frigate with a new generation of ships offering anti-air (AAW), anti-surface (ASuW) and anti-submarine (ASW) warfare capabilities. In this case, MBDA can offer the most advanced naval air defense systems, capable of defending against multiple attacks by aircraft and incoming anti-ship missiles.

MBDA can also upgrade Almirante Padilla-class frigate with VL-MICA or SeaCeptor (CAMM) air-defense missile systems. The VL MICA naval air defense system provides unmatched self and local-area defense capability. It is currently deployed by navies around the world as the sole or main air defense system onboard a wide range of surface vessels.

The VL MICA system deploys the unique MICA missile, which is the only missile in the world equipped with two, interoperable, state-of-the-art seekers (Imaging IR or active RF), providing superior features to counter all types of threat (anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopter, PGMs, smart bombs, etc). Operated from the ship’s combat system, using existing air defense sensors, VL MICA has no need for a dedicated fire control system.

Sea Ceptor is the next-generation, ship-based, all-weather, air defense weapon system. Through the use of new advanced technologies, Sea Ceptor provides complete protection against all known and projected air targets. The supersonic Sea Ceptor missile is 3.2 m-long and weighs 99 kg. It has a diameter of 160 cm. The missile covers a range of more than 25 km and provides 360° coverage. It can reach speeds up to Mach 3.

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