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BAE Systems will deliver 60 additional M109A7 155mm howitzers to US Army.

| 2019

The U.S. Army has awarded BAE Systems a $249 million contract modification to complete an additional 60 M109A7 155mm self-propelled howitzers that will bring improved artillery capabilities to the Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs).

BAE Systems will deliver 60 additional M109A7 155mm howitzers to US Army 925 001
A Paladin M109A7 Artillery System assigned to Delta Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, out of Fort Riley, Kan. stationed in Toruń, Poland conducts security during a field artillery table-12 certification March 13, 2019. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue bringing new howitzers and increased survivability to our soldiers,” said Jeremy Tondreault, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Combat Vehicles. “The M109A7 positions the Army to execute its current mission with confidence and support its future needs and requirements as long-range precision fires evolve.”

The award exercises options on an existing low-rate production contract and includes the completion of an additional 60 M992A3 Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked (CAT) vehicles to accompany the M109A7.

The M109A7 and the CAT vehicle sets provide increased commonality across the ABCT, and have significant built-in growth potential in terms of electrical power and weight carrying capacity. The vehicle design includes a new chassis, engine, transmission, suspension, steering system, a new high voltage architecture and improved survivability, while the vehicle’s cannon remains the same as that of an M109A6 Paladin.

The M109A7 is supported by the Army as a vital technology enhancement program to maintain the combat capability of its ABCTs. It will solve long-term readiness and modernization needs of the M109 family of vehicles through a critical redesign and production plan that leverages the most advanced technology available today. This state-of-the-art “digital backbone” and power generation capability provides a more robust, survivable, and responsive indirect fire support capability for ABCT Soldiers. The M109A7 is a significant upgrade over the M109A6 as it restores space, weight, and power cooling while providing significant growth potential for emerging technologies.

The initial contract was awarded in 2017. This most recent order brings the total number of vehicle sets — M109A7 howitzers and M992A3 ammunition carriers — to 156, and the total contract value to $1.16 billion.

Work on the M109A7 will take place at several facilities within the Company’s combat vehicles manufacturing network including Aiken, South Carolina; Elgin, Oklahoma; Sterling Heights, Michigan; and, York, Pennsylvania.

The M109A7 SPH Paladin 155mm Self-propelled howitzer is an upgraded version of the M109A6 Paladin. Like the earlier M109 models, the M109A7 Paladin is a fully tracked, self-propelled howitzer armored vehicle. The M109A7 Paladin configuration was achieved through modifications to earlier-built M109A2, A3 and A6 vehicle hulls and the introduction of an entirely new cab and cannon assembly.

The M109A7 SPH 155mm self-propelled howitzer is armed with a 39-caliber 155mm M284 cannon, which is fitted with an M182A1 gun mount The M109A7 is fitted with a new automated loader. It can sustain a one round per minute rate of fire. It is a great improvement over the previous M109A6 Paladin. The maximum rate of fire is 4 rounds per minute. The maximum range of fire is 24 km with standard projectiles and 30 km with rocket-assisted projectiles. The M109A7 can also fire M982 Excalibur extended-range precision-guided projectiles that have a maximum range of 40 km.

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