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T-90M tank may become main combat tank for Russian ground troops.

| 2019

A modernized T-90M tank may become the main combat tank in the Russian Armed Forces, General of the Army Alexey Maslov, a special representative of the UralVagonZavod Corporation (UVZ, an affiliate of Russian State Corporation Rostec) for military-technical cooperation, told TASS.

T 90M tank may become main combat tank for Russian ground troops
T90M MBT (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"We have already prepared a T-90MS tank (an export variant of the T-90M tank) for a foreign customer; we have driven it and carried out research and development works. So what have we got? We got a good T-90M tank. As far as I understand, the T-90M ‘Proryv’ tank is likely to become the main tank in the Russian Armed Forces," Maslov said.

According to him, T-90M has got a much better combat efficiency than its predecessor while the modular configuration will make it possible to improve the tank's characteristics during subsequent modernization drives. "T-90M ensures parity with prospective foreign tanks," General Maslov went on to say.

The Russian Defense Ministry and UVZ signed a contract for delivery of deeply modernized T-90M tanks at the Army-2017 forum. Previous reports said that the first several dozen tanks are expected to be delivered to the troops in 2019.

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