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LAAD 2019: CMI is seeking to reconduct contracts in Brazil.

| 2019

Being present at LAAD Defense and Security exhibition 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Belgian company CMI Defence is seeking to reinforce its partnerships with the Brazilian defense companies and to reconduct or reestablish contracts with them. Such contracts will mainly be about the procurement of the CPWS 25mm turrets and the LCTS 90mm Medium Pressure (90MP) turrets.

LAAD 2019 CMI is seeking to reconduct contracts in Brazil
The Cockerill LCTS 90MP on display at LAAD 2019, Brazil (Picture Source : Army Recognition)

As a reminder, the Cockerill Protection Weapon Station (CPWS) is a turret designed to be fitted mainly on 4x4 chassis vehicles. Yet, it can also be mounted on 6x6 chassis vehicles and 8x8 chassis vehicles. It is remotely controlled through a control station operated from the inside of the vehicle. It can either accommodate an M242 25mm caliber gun or an M230LF 30mm caliber gun.

Depending on the mission, the turret can be configured in four ways : fully closed hatch (allowing the crew to operate in a hostile environment with a maximum level of protection), elevated hatch (allowing the crew to perform 360° direct observation manoeuvers and, if necessary, allowing the use of individual weapons), large open hatch (allowing the crew to evacuate the system quickly and securely), and removed hatch (allowing the crew to patrol in an exposed position, ideal for operations other than war).

As for the Cockerill LCTS 90mm Medium Pressure (90MP), it a light two-person crew turret equipped with powerful Cockerill 90mm gun and advanced autoloader. It is mainly destined to be fitted on 6x6 chassis vehicles but it can be fitted on lots of various light-weight wheeled and tracked vehicles.

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