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Army 2019: Russia unveils the Korsar advanced reconnaissance drone.

| 2019

Russia demonstrated its most advanced Korsar reconnaissance drone at the Army-2019 international military and technical forum for the first time.

Army 2019 Russia unveils the Korasar advanced reconnaissance drone
Korsar UAV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

As the drone’s accompanying materials indicate, the Korsar belongs to the class of short-range reconnaissance drones. The drone has a maximum takeoff weight of 200 kg and a flight range of 120 km. The Korsar can develop a speed of 120-150 km/h at an altitude of up to 5,100 meters. Its flight duration is 10 hours.

The drone is equipped with a 50 horsepower piston engine. Eventually, it will get a 70 horsepower power unit.

The Army-2019 forum is opening at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center outside Moscow on Tuesday and will last through June 30. The forum's events will take place in other Russian regions as well. According to preliminary estimates, the forum on the territory of Russia will be attended by over 1,500 enterprises that will demonstrate more than 27,000 products and technologies.

Army 2019 Rostec exhibits over 1000 pieces of military equipment KORSAR
Korsar UAV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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