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Russia: Rosgvardiya adopts Tor protective helmet.

| 2018

Russia`s National Guard (Rosgvardiya) has adopted the Tor protective helmet developed by the NPP KlASS company, an industrial source told TASS at the Interpolitex 2018 international defense show being held in Moscow from October 23-26. The volume of the deliveries is not specified.

Russia Rosgvardiya adopts Tor protective helmet
Tor helmet (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

The manufacturer claims that the Tor helmet protects the head of a serviceman against 9x18 cartridges (57-N-181S and 56-A-126) of the Stechkin APS automatic pistol. "The helmet also provides a 50% probability of protection of the head against a 1 g/6 mm fragment flying at a speed of more than 500 m/s," the source said. The Tor helmet can be supplied in three configurations, namely, the baseline, with partial ear protection and with full ear protection. "The weight of the helmet varies between 1.42 kg and 1.78 kg, while the square of protection varies between 10 sq dm and 13.5 sq dm", the source added.

The Tor helmet is compatible with the Kondor protective goggles developed by NPP KlASS. The item has a weight of 45 g and provide a 50% probability of protection against a 1 g/6 mm steel ball flying at a speed of 230 m/s. "The Kondor goggles feature three interchangeable lenses, namely the clear, tinted and yellow ones. They feature anti-scratch and anti-corrosion protection," the source said.

NPP KlASS has also developed the Tor-DP helmet, a lightened variant of the Tor. "The Tor-DP helmet is intended for wall climbers. It provides a 50% probability of protection against small fragments flying at a speed of 250 m/s," the source said. According to him, the Tor-DP has a weight of approximately 1 kg and a square of protection of 10-11.5 sq dm (depending on the size).

At the Interpolitex 2018 show, NPP KlASS also shows a new anti-fragment one-piece coverall.


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