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Army 2018: tests began in Russia of guided ammunition for 2S38 Derivatsiya air defense system.

| 2018

Guided munition tests go on in Russia for the newest 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO air defense system, Grigory Zakamennykh, director-general of Burevestnik Central Research Institute (part of Uralvagonzavod group, incorporated by the Rostec State Corporation), the developer of the machine, has revealed to TASS at the Army-2018 forum.

Army 2018 tests of guided ammunition for 2S38 Derivatsiya air defense system 2
2S38 "Derivatsya-PVO" self-propelled air defense system at Armya 2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"At present, the shells are undergoing preliminary tests," he said. Zakamennykh pointed out that at issue is the ammunition detonation time control throughout the flight path. "The projectile follows a ballistic trajectory, which is not corrected. However, the detonation time can be preset," the director-general explained, adding that no plans are made to create 57 mm caliber rounds with an adjustable flight path. Also, the director noted that the use of guided ammunition will enable the Derivatsiya system "to build" a path from fragmentary explosions over the enemy trench so that the detonation time will be set by the fire control system with an accuracy within a millisecond. In addition, the self-propelled vehicle will be able to build "a vertical wall" from detonations for neutralizing, for instance, aerial threats.

Another specialized shell for Derivatsiya is a remotely controlled multifunctional type. For this shell, the detonation time is set by the so-called programmer at the launch moment so that it cannot be changed in flight. The self-propelled vehicle also uses conventional armor-piercing and high explosive fragmentation rounds.

The Derivatsiya air defense system fitted with the 57 mm cannon, is demonstrated for the first time at the Army-2018 forum. The artillery piece is designed for destroying drones, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, tactical aviation aircraft, and fire support helicopters. "The air defense system can also effectively oppose multiple launch rocket systems’ fire, destroy lightly armored land-based and water-borne targets as well as manpower, including in buildings and lightly protected structures,’ the UVZ source said. The Derivatsiya system consists of a combat vehicle, transport/loading and repair vehicle, and ammunition supply. A UVZ source said that the system can operate round the clock in all weathers and is protected against optic and electronic countermeasures. "This machine can detect, track, and engage targets both on its own and based on the data supplied by the central command post. For taking out each target "the smart system: will individually choose the most efficient ammunition," the source at the corporation added.


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