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Textron Systems is showcasing its MicroObserver Unattended Ground Sensors UGS system 31105163.

| 2016
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9 - 12 May 2016
Textron Systems at SOFEX 2016
Textron Systems is showcasing its MicroObserver Unattended Ground Sensors UGS system
MicroObserver Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) are a core component of Textron Systems’flexible unattended sensor family. Designed for deployment in a variety of tactical, law enforcement and perimeter security applications, MicroObserver UGS delivers long mission life, a streamlined user experience and reliable performance.
Textron-Systems-is-showcasing-its-MicroObserver-Unattended-Ground-UGS-system-640-002Textron Systems' MicroObserver UGS

Ruggedized to withstand a wide spectrum of climates and terrains, the system helps users detect, classify and track threats for enhanced situational awareness and force protection. 

UGS are intended to provide a persistent, reliable operational picture; however, many UGS systems fail to deliver this information dependably, covertly or consistently over time. Textron Systems’ MicroObserver UGS solve these issues with rugged construction, discreet emplacement and proven results over a long life. The MicroObserver system offers seismic detection and tracking with infrared image capture and wireless image transmission. Backhaul capability enables storage and sharing of both seismic and image data with the larger network.

The MicroObserver system includes nodes designed specifically for short- and long-term emplacements, with the former proven to offer one-month mission life and the latter providing life of more than two years. Minimal battery replacement reduces system maintenance and life-cycle cost, while safeguarding the location of sensor emplacements. The system can be programmed so that individual nodes or the entire system hibernate at predetermined times to further extend battery life.

Advanced detection algorithms and a field-tested, integrated tracking system ensure that cameras are cued to verifiable threats, rather than needlessly scanning a wide field of view. The MicroObserver system automatically adapts to changes in the seismic environment, ensuring a very low false alarm rate. The system’s store and forward capability is ideally suited for persistent surveillance applications.

The MicroObserver system utilizes a hybrid hub-andspoke network architecture to reliably deliver long communications distances without draining system power. A low-power radio achieves ground sensor-to-sensor communication. Even without a repeater, the system delivers gateway-to-sensor standoff distances of one to five kilometers, with options for up to 10 kilometers. The MicroObserver system can detect a person’s movements at a distance up to 100 meters, and the movement of light vehicles up to 300 meters away.


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