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Russia plans to field 12 Uran-14 fire-fighting unmanned ground vehicles in 2016 20809164.

| 2016
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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Russia plans to field 12 Uran-14 fire-fighting unmanned ground vehicles in 2016
At Army 2016 defense exhibition, the Russian Armed Forces are for the first time presenting the new Uran-14 fire-fighting unmanned ground vehicle. The Uran-14 is a multifunctional fire-fighting robot designed for extinguishing fire on terrain and in objects by using remote-control system.
Uran-14Russia will field up to 12 Uran-14 UGV in 2016
The Uran-14 UGV is based on technological documentation acquired from the Croatia-based company DOK-ING. It is directly inspired from DOK-ING’s MVF-5 robot.

Under the schedule of the DOLOMIT R&D implementation, the state tests were completed in 2015. According to the stated needs of the fire fighting services and the Armed Forces of Russia, 12 units are planned to be fielded in 2016 in engineering units.

The URAN-14 can be configured as fire-fighting vehicle or as mine/obstacle clearance vehicle. The fire-fighting systems consists of an hydraulic arm fitted with an infrared thermal camera and an high pressure water jet systems with a 55m throw range. The URAN-14 can spray 2,000 liters of water of 500 liters foam per minute. Tank capacity consists of 2,200 liters of water or 500 liters of foam. The front of the URAN-14 is equipped with one dozer blade which push obstacle up to 10 tons of weight.

A sophisticated video system allows the operator to have full control of the vehicle movement during operation. The video system consists of six high resolution and waterproof cameras.

The URAN-14 is based on a tracked chassis and motorized with a 6 cylinder Turbo-charged Diesel engine developing 240 hp. The vehicle can run at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.



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