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Yugoimport unveils brand-new Sova trainer and light attack aircraft at PARTNER 2015 32306152.

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Partner 2015
International Fair of Armaments and Defence Equipment
23 - 26 June 2015
Press release Partner 2015
Yugoimport unveils brand-new Sova trainer and light attack aircraft at PARTNER 2015
Some 30 years after having unveiled the first prototype of the Lasta 1 training and light attack aircraft, the Serbian company Yugoimport has unveiled today at PARTNER 2015 defense exhibition a new fixed-wing turboprop aircraft, the Sova. Yugoimport's Sova is a new four-seater aircraft designed for both training and light attack missions.
Yugoimport unveils brand new Sova trainer and light attack aircraft at PARTNER 2015 640 002Yugoimport's new Sova trainer and light attack aircraft showcased at PARTNER 2015
The new Sova aircraft unveiled today by Yugoimport is dedicated to sporting, training and light attack purposes.

The airframe of the new Sova featutes all-metal fuselage with integrated center wing and attachments for the engine carrier, wings and tail surfaces. Engine and wing tips are reinforced with glass-fiber composite. The landing gear is a fixed, tricycle type.

Basic avionics equipement includes radio navigation/GPS, radio communication, instrument landing system (ILS), trafic information service (TIS) as well as distance measuring equipment (DME). The Sova features two Garmin 500 electronic dual flight display systems. On the left-hand side, the Primary Flight Display consolidates all primary situational information regarding aircraft’s position, speed, attitude, vertical rate, altitude and flight progress. On the right side of the G500, the Multifunction Display provides detailed moving-map graphics of your aircraft’s current position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids, flight plan routings and more. The new Soca aircraft also features quadruple intercom connection, backup instruments and integrated display for engine and fuel parameters.
Yugoimport's Sova is powered by one Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 4-cylinder piston engine (210 KS - 154kW). The Sova can fly a speed up to 270 km/h and has a rite of climb of 4 m/s. It features an endurance of more than 4 hours of flight. It has an empty weight of 750 kg and a max. takeoff weight of 1,250 kg.

Along with its training mission, the Sova can also perform light attack and close air support missions. It can be armed with two payload of 100 kg each. According to Yugoimport, at least three different weapon systems can be fitted on it: two 50 kg aerial bombs, or two 7.62 mm machine gun pods; or two 7xHP3 57 mm launchers.

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