Honker introduces the Jenot, an armored variant of its well-known tactical truck 20209151

MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
Honker at MSPO 2015
Honker introduces the Jenot, an armored variant of its well-known tactical vehicle
At MSPO 2015, the Poland-based car factory Honker is showcasing a prototype of armoured vehicle based on its famous pick-up truck: the Jenot. Equipped with the Honker tactical truck’s chassis, the Jenot is intended to carry out patrolling and reconnaissance tasks, protection or command missions.
Honker introduces the Jenot an armored variant of its well known tactical truck 640 001Honker's prototype of armored vehicle, the Jenot, displayed at MSPO 2015
Using the knowledge gained from the deliveries of tactical vehicles to the Polish armed forces, Honker is now showcasing a new armoured variant at MSPO 2015 exhibition in Poland.

The Jenot’s cabin crew can carry up to 7 soldiers with their equipment, or up to 900kg of payload.

It is powered with a 4.8l diesel, four-stroke, turbocharged engine of 206HP, 1and is fitted with an automatic, 5-speed gearbox. This allows the Jenot to reach speed of up to 100km/h.

For close protection, the Jenot can carry several armament systems, such as 7,62 or 12,7 mm machine guns. Protection is also ensured by three 902A smoke grenade launchers

Crew and soldiers are protected by FB6-class armor, which allow protection against 7,62x39 mm and 7,62x51 mm NATO bullets, as well as anti-tank bullets fired from AK47 from distance over 100m. All the windows are equipped with BR6 level ballistic protection. The vehicle has also a roof hatch which can be opened from the inside and serve as an emergency exit.