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Anti-tank missiles.

9P163-2 vehicle fitted Kornet-E.

The 9P163-2 is the Kornet-E anti-tank launcher unit which can be fitted to wheeled or tracked combat vehicles.

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The 9P163-2 is an autonomous launcher unit for the Kornet-E Missile which can be mounted on a light tracked or wheeled combat vehicles and intended to equip mobile fire groups that can rapidly move, deliver fire attacks and change position. The 9P163-2 launcher boasts constant combat readiness: the capability of firing up to four rounds without reloading the launcher, simplified target search and tracking by the use of electromechanical drives and the ability to fire two missiles at one target. The 9P163-2 launcher unit comprises a ring mount with four guided missiles, a 1P45-1 sight-tracker, a 1PN79-1 thermal sight, an electronic module and an operator's station. A storage rack for five missiles is arranged separately.
Rostec on April 14, 2021, published what follows: Today, it is impossible to find a tank that could withstand the Russian ATGM Kornet. This missile system is able to penetrate armored steel with a thickness of more than 1 meter. But there are simply no tanks with such armor. The most advanced version of the system today is Kornet-EM. It has an automatic firing mode, can simultaneously fire at two targets, and is twice as long-range as its basic modification. Kornet-EM is so unique that in addition to ground targets, it can counter surface and air targets, including helicopters, drones, and even attack aircraft. Kornet was developed by the Tula-based Design Bureau of Instrument Engineering named after A.G. Shipunov (part of the High Precision Weapons holding powered by Rostec).

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