Army of the Czech Republic to upgrade some 30 T-72 MBTs by 2023

The Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) is planning to upgrade more than 30 T72M4CZ main battle tanks (MBTs) through 2023, according to the news agency CTK.

Army of the Czech Republic to upgrade some 30 T 72 MBTs by 2023
T-72M4CZ (Picture source: Czech MoD)

"Thirty-three T-72M4CZ MBTs, which were produced in the Czech Republic in 2003-2006 under a Russian license, are subject to modernization. The tank`s outdated components, including fire-control systems (FCSs) and control units, will be replaced [by modern devices]. The works will be conducted at the VOP CZ plant through 2023," said CTK.

According to the news agency, the Czech Republic`s Ministry of Defense (MoD) will earmark CZK908 million (approximately USD40 million) for the modernization. The MoD is to send a draft contract to the country`s government at an early date.

The T-72M4CZ incorporates the CV12-1000 (1,000 h.p.) diesel engine, Dyna-72 explosive reactive armor, Obra laser warning system, TURMS-T FCS, a navigation system, enhanced intercom, and Dita-72/97B diagnostic system. The MBT retains 125 mm 2A46M tank gun of T-72M1. The tank can fire the new EPpSV-97 APFSDS round that pierces 540 mm of rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) at 2,000 m. The Czech Republic army is reported to be operating some 30 T-72M4CZ MBTs.


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