Russia hands over batch of T-72B1 tanks, BRDM-2M armored vehicles to Laos

A Russian Defense Ministry delegation led by Chief of the Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation Major-General Alexander Kshimovsky has taken part in events dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the Lao People’s Armed Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said.

Russia hands over batch of T 72B1 tanks BRDM 2M armored vehicles to Laos
Laotian T-72B1 MBTs (Picture source: Khamlabouttavong)

"During the ceremony, the Laotian side accepted a new batch of Russian-made military hardware, namely, T-72B1 tanks and BRDM-2M armored vehicles, and the Thong Hai Hin airfield in the province of Xiangkhouang, which had been upgraded by Russian specialists," the press office said.

On 20 January 2019, the first batch of T-72B1s and BRDM-2Ms had already taken part in a parade on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Lao People’s Armed Forces,

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