China has received the second regimental kit of S-400 air defense missile systems

As reported by TASS on January 27, 2020, Russia has completed the delivery of the second regimental set of antiaircraft missile systems S-400 "Triumph" to China by sea. The act of acceptance was signed last December in China.

China has received the second regimental kit of S 400 air defense missile systems
Elements of the first S-400 air defense regimental kit received by China (Picture source:

The delivery to China of the second regimental set of S-400 comprising the command post, two divisions of launchers, radar stations, power and auxiliary equipment, spare parts and tools has been completed. The customer also received more than 120 of the latest anti-aircraft guided missiles of two types.

"Since the signing of the document, the provision of the contract on 18-month warranty service of equipment by the Russian side has been in force," the source told Tass. The source added that the second set was delivered to China by several vessels. The first sea transport went to China in July 2019.

China became the first foreign customer of the Russian S-400 Triumph systems. The contract was signed for the delivery of two regimental kits. The first one was delivered to China in spring 2018 and then successfully tested in December of the same year.

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