ISDEF 2019: More Telerob Telemax EOD robot for Israeli Police

The German Company Telerob, a worldwide leader in the development and the manufacturing of UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) will deliver more Telemax explosive ordnance (EOD) robot to the Israeli Police. The Telemax is a truly versatile robot capable of handling significant gradients and obstacles. It boasts an impressive manipulator reach, both vertically and horizontally, combined with minimal dimensions. It's a perfect robot for deployments in built-up areas and confined spaces.

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Telemax EOD robot from the German Company Telerob on the booth of Israeli Police at ISDEF 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. June 5, 2019.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Telemax bomb disposal robot has been specially adapted for operations that have to be carried out in narrow spaces, such as on aircraft, underground trains or buses. Anywhere where a larger model cannot operate, Telemax ensures that the vital distance is maintained between the bomb disposal engineer and the bomb. Elmo’s Whistle and Tweeter servo drives Controllers are a very practical choice, as they can be mounted within the joints of the robotic arm.

The Telemax is a four-track drive system offering superior mobility compared to other forms of running gear. This means that it can handle gradients of 45° or 100% without difficulty. It can overcome obstacles of up to half a meter in height without problems and also trenches of 60cm in width.

The Telemax EOD robot has a unique set of features making it highly mobile and suitable for operating in confined spaces; the four individually articulating tracks are controlled separately and can be moved individually in pairs or all together as desired. Additionally, an intelligent controller sets running gear configurations to cope with the relevant situation at the press of a button.

These features make it easier for the operator to control the vehicle, especially in tricky situations such as narrow stairways and high steps. Inclination sensors ensure that the robot always maintains its balance. If a traveling speed of 4km/h is not enough, then the high-speed version offers up to 10km/h.