IDEX 2019: Greek company EODH unveils details about its new Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System (ASPIS)

The next generation protection system ASPIS was one of the few real and very promising innovations revealed during the show – just one of the reason for the major interest of the international decision makers in the defense world. International Delegations guided by high level staff officers and international blue chips of the Defense Industry found their answers in the new holistic and modular protection system of EODH SA.

IDEX 2019 Greek company EODH unveils details about its new Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System ASPIS 1
EODSH's Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System (ASPIS) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

As Andreas Mitsis, president of EODH, said to Army Recognition, “No army likes bringing soldiers back home in a coffin covered by its national flag”. So, life protection has become a strong motto among the armies and, hence, the manufacturers in the defense sector.

In cooperation with NEMS (Novel Engineering Materials and Solutions) – the German Associate of the group and the specialized partner for the supply chain of strategic materials –, EODH SA showcased a combination of multi-layer active and passive armor solutions and just giving a good hint as to the capability of EODH in platform survivability, from the light vehicles up to the main battle tank. It includes complex anti-ballistic protection against the current and future threats of the battlefield, a decoupled floor and a modular vehicle structure with enhanced mine load distribution in the vehicle structure.

The major assets are a special designed signature management and the new generation of anti-mine/anti-shock armor seats with an innovative mechanism that absorbs the shock from mine explosions and explosive devices.

The Team of EODH will now deal intensively with the industrial implementation of the shown interest and LOIs, signed by several customers and extending their global businesses. France, Italy, Germany and Greece are already partners for the supply of some subcomponents. Andreas Mitsis underlined a challenge: “For some sophisticated materials, you need minimum one year to get a piece manufactured”. This implies strong partnerships with reliable and extremely competent suppliers.

During IDEX 2019, besides the numerous barely disguised spies – mostly Chinese, Andreas Mitsis said – who jumped to take pictures of the roof of the ASPIS mockup, the company has been invited by U.S. military representative to come to Washington to have “serious negotiations” about the interest of the ASPIS for the future fighting vehicles. Strong interest has also been expressed by the United Arab Emirates and by European Union countries, namely for the future European tank concept. EODH has just been designated as the basic designer from scratch for a brand new 4x4 armored vehicle wanted by a NATO-friendly country. And EODH is invited to open a facility in Australia to work on enhancing the protection part of the armed forces’ fighting vehicles, namely the Boxer IFV. Moreover, EODH has been awarded the enviable title of preferred supplier for the serial manufacture of the whole Leopard 2 program, including the German ones. The company’s workplan is full till 2025 at least.

“IDEX 2019 has definitely established us as a major player in the armored vehicles world”, Andreas Mitsis told Army Recognition with a deserved pride.

IDEX 2019 Greek company EODH unveils details about its new Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System ASPIS2
EODSH's Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System 'ASPIS). Andreas Mitsis, president of the company, stands just left of the UAE army officer (Picture source: Army Recognition)