Chinese WS-2D rocket launchers for Morocco

According to the Morroccan newspaper Hasparis issued on February 18 and cited by SDArabia Security and Denfense Arabia websites, Morocco is strengthening its artillery arsenal with China-made WS-2D multiple-rocket launcher systems (MLRS).

Chinese WS 2D rocket launchers for Morocco artillery
Chinese WS-2 MLRS are entering service in the Moroccan artillery (Picture source: China web)

The WS-2 is a Chinese-made 400mm guided MLRS designed and manufactured by China National Precision Machinery Corporation (CPMIEC), based in Beijing, China. It was unveiled during the Zhuhai Air Show in 2004.

The WS-2 is an advanced rocket system characterized by long-range, fast response, easy operation and maintenance. WS-2 adopts simple control technologies, which increase the accuracy with low cost. The WS-2 artillery system has a preparation time of less than 12 minutes from travelling. A battery consists of a command and control unit and six launchers, plus supply and logistic units.

The delivery of these MLRS follow the sending of officers and technicians of the Moroccan artillery, radar specialists and air defense systems operators to China last year, to train on this sophisticated MLRS.