Tanfoglio's Appeal bullpup rifle highlighted at Expodefensa 2017

A new bullpup automatic rifle for defense, security or even sporting activities appeared today at Expodefensa 2017 exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia. The Appeal is a Cal. 22 rifle with polymer stock and rail for mounting the scope mount.

Tanfoglio appeal bullpup rifle
Tanfoglio's Appeal bullpup rifle at Expodefensa 2017

The Appeal only wheight 2.2 kg thanks to its frame made of polymer. It has a total length of 748 mm, with a barrel length of 456 mm. It has a manual safety on the trigger and an automatic safety at the firing pin.

It has a reversible cocking lever and ejector for being used by right or left hand shooter. The front and rear sight are adjustable. The magazine holds 10 rds.

The use of Tanfoglio techno-polymer was at the beginning dedicated to weapons for personal and professional defence that required lightness and comfort for the port. It has then been used on sport pistols, allowing the design of new and innovative models.

The Polymer series includes Force 22L , semi automatic pistol in 22LR that is preparatory for sport shooting activity, and the Appeal bullpup semi automatic rifle.

Nowadays, Tanfoglio products are a benchmark of excellence for fans and shooters, all over the world. Tanfoglio weapons are also the main choice of many police and security professionals.