EDEX 2018: Temsah 6x6 armored Bus

Kader Factory for Developed Industries, part of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, is proposing a 25-seat bus to transport personnel in dangerous areas under protection of armor.

EDEX 2018 Temsah 6x6 armored Bus
Temsah 6x6 armored Bus (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This 6x6 vehicle is as large as a “normal” bus, being 2.45-meter wide and 9.90 meter long with its spare tire mounted at the back. a powered by a V8 turbodiesel engine (no displacement indicated) developing 240 hp at 2,000 rpm (maximum torque: 883 Nm at 1,300 rpm). The manual transmission offers 5 forward gears + 1 reverse, doubled thanks to the transfer box. The vehicle can reach 78 km/h and cover about 600 km on hard surface, a particularly long range obviously convenient for desert use. The empty weight is 16 tons, with a 5.3 tons-payload, which gives a gross weight of 21.3 tons. With a ground clearance of 40 cm, the vehicle can face most of the current obstacles encountered when driving off-road.

The landmine protection is Stanag 4. The ballistic and glass protections are of level BR6. 9 gun ports offer self-defense possibilities to the 2 + 4-man crew which can use two escape hatches. Anti-RPG nets can be mounted all around the vehicle.