EDEX 2018: Egyptian-made anti-drone rifle

Drones and anti-drone devices flourish more and more in the defense exhibitions. Here is one, made in Egypt. This rifle can neutralize drones at more than 3 km. The coverage is directional if using the Yagi antenna, but can be omnidirectional in option. The optical tracking relies on a 4x telescope with 32mm lens.

EDEX 2018 Egyptian made anti drone rifle
Egyptian anti-drone rifle (Picture source: Army Recognition )

The rifle benefits from unlimited power supply from various sources: city electricity or power generator AC 220-250 50-60 Herz. For a more independent use, there is a backup power supply (battery) with up to 2 hours autonomy. The system acts on navigation and control frequencies GPS1, Glonass G1, 2.4 GHz (5.8 GHz optional). The rifle itself weighs 2 kg. With its power supply, the system weighs 8 kg.

Interestingly, this rifle is obviously based on a Colt M16.