Rostec enterprises working hard to repair Russian military hardware damaged in Ukraine

MOSCOW, October 4. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Enterprises integrated into Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation are working hard to repair military hardware in a timely manner, the corporation’s press office said.
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Most recent T-80BVM tank abandoned in Ukraine. Russian tanks and other vehicles disabled by the Ukrainian army can be repaired and brought back into service (Picture source: Twitter account of Oryx)

“At the moment, enterprises of the Rostec state corporation are taking all necessary measures to ensure the supply and repair of military hardware. The work involves numerous capacities of the corporation and other industrial enterprises, including nine plants of the Spetsremont Group, which are operational today and have retained manufacturing facilities designed to execute the state defense order,” the press office said.

In particular, the work involves the 261st Refueling and Fuel Truck Repair Plant, the 144th Armor Repair Plant, the 103rd Armor Repair Plant, the 163rd Armor Repair Plant, the 192nd Central Railway Equipment Plant, the 41st Central Railway Equipment Plant. Armor Repair Plants No. 61, 81 and 560 integrated into Uralvagonzavod are repairing and upgrading military hardware in accordance with the program. In addition, specialists from various Rostec groups are currently working at field maintenance and repair centers to repair weapon systems damaged in the course of the special military operation.

According to the press office, in 2017-2018, when the Spetsremont Group was transferred from the Russian Defense Ministry to Rostec, 90% of the group’s repair plants were insolvent or had already entered bankruptcy proceedings. Over the past time, the operating capability and solvency of a significant part of the Spetsremont Group subsidiaries have been restored.

As of today, 12 enterprises integrated into Spetsremont are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. Their property is being sold in accordance with the bankruptcy law. Assets included in the list of strategic or defense industrial ones are being sold in accordance with the rules for the sale of the property of strategic enterprises. Only those companies that have valid licenses issued by the authorized body for the implementation of the state defense order are allowed to participate in the auction. The buyer will be obliged to preserve the intended purpose of the asset complex and the debtor’s mobilization property and execute the debtor’s state defense contracts.