India starts deployment of S-400 air defense missile systems in Punjab

According to news published by the "REPUBLICWORLD" website on January 1, 2022, India has started the deployment of the new Russian-made S-400 air defense missile system at an airbase in Punjab.
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An S-400 air defense missile system battery consists of four transporter erector launchers (TELs), four launch tubes per TEL, in addition to target acquisition and engagement (fire control) radar systems, and a command post.  (Picture source VPK)

Citing the "REPUBLICWORLD" website, the Indian Air Force has started the deployment process of the s-400 air defense missile system and it will take at least six more weeks to complete. According to the Russian company Almaz Antey, a sufficient number of the Indian armed forces underwent training to operate the S-400.

Punjab is bordered by Pakistan's Punjab province on the west, Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Himachal Pradesh on the northeast, and Haryana and Rajasthan on the south. The S-400 is deployed in Punjab to provide air defense protection against possible airstrikes from China or Pakistan.

Military sources confirm that the S-400 air defense missile system has been deployed at one of the five IAF bases in the state, which borders Pakistan. The system is already available with China, which deployed it along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh amid the border standoff. The LAC is the demarcation that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory.

In October 2018, India has signed a $5.43 billion contract with Russia for the purchase of five regiment sets of S-400 air defense missile systems. In November 2021, the Russian press agency TASS has announced, thta Russia has begun the deliveries of S-400 air defense systems to India. All the materials of the vehicle of the S-400 regiment set were delivered to India at the end of 2021. Immediately after the New Year, Russian specialists arrived in India for the equipment transfer at the sites where they will be deployed.

The S-400 is an air defense missile system fully designed and developed in India by the company Almas Antey. It is a long and medium-range surface-to-surface air defense missile that entered into service with the Russian armed forces in 2007.

The S-400 is designed to destroy strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, and hypersonic weapons. It can also be used against ground installations. The S-400 can engage targets at a distance of up to 400 km and at an altitude of up to 30 km under intensive enemy fire and jamming.

The standard S-400 battery consists of four Transporter Erector Launchers (TELs), four launch tubes per TEL, in addition to target acquisition and engagement (fire control) radar systems 64N6E, 96L6E/40V6MD, and 76N6 and a command post 54K6E. With an additional fire control radar system, a battery can consist of up to 12 TELs. Two batteries make up an S-400 battalion, whereas an S-400 regiment consists of two battalions.

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