BSDA 2018 - Elbit Systems SandCat M-LPV on display

At BSDA 2018, the Israeli corporation Elbit Systems displayed its SandCat M-LPV (Mine-protected Light Patrol Vehicle), a serious challenger on the very disputed market of light tactical vehicles.

Elbit Systems SandCat Medium Light Protected Vehicle on display
Elbit Systems' SandCat Mine-protected Light Patrol Vehicle displayed at BSDA 2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Elbit Systems’ SandCat series is based on the very reliable and robust commercial Ford F550 Super Duty chassis powered by a 330hp engine. The fourth generation of SandCat M-LPV (Mine-protected Light Patrol Vehicle) has a monocoque construction offering a high-level underbody mine protection to all eight occupants. The vehicle offers a STANAG 4569 level II and B6/B7 including AK-57 Dragunov 7.62x54mm AP protection. In fact, an all-round protection can be configured between STANAG 2 and STANAG 3 or equivalent, subject to payload requirements.

Let’s remind the existence of another model of Elbit Systems’ SandCat family armed with the Spear Mk.2, a fully autonomous, vehicle-mounted 120mm soft-recoil mortar system for high-mobility platforms. It delivers effective fire support by combining the flexibility and lethality of accurate mortar fire with exceptional tactical mobility. The mortar is a derivative of the combat-proven soft-recoil mortar which is muzzle loaded and turntable-mounted and is being used extensively by the US Army, NATO, IDF and others.

More than 500 SandCat light armored vehicles are fielded in over sixteen countries across five continents.