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GAZ Group about to start mass production of Russian military's future Volk armored vehicle
The Volk ("Wolf") armored mobility vehicle is currently undergoing experimental tests at the Arzamas Machinery Plant, the company’s press office reported. The vehicle was ordered by the Russian Defense Ministry and developed by Military Industrial Company, a military division of the GAZ Group. The Volk has modular design which allows for various modules to be set up, depending on the purpose.
GAZ Group about to start mass production of Russian military s future Volk armored vehicl 640 001GAZ Group's new Volk multipurpose armored vehicle in 4x4 variant
It is also equipped with independent hydro-pneumatic suspension with height adjustment.

The protection index of the new vehicle is higher than that of the Tiger armored vehicle which is currently in operation. The Volk also outperforms its predecessor in off-road performance. It designed to have up to 20 seats, two times more than the Tiger.

One of the Volk’s main features is its capability to be equipped with a combat module. Such a modification will be used strictly by the military and law enforcement agencies.

After all required tests are completed, mass production of the vehicle will start, the company said.

The Volk is one of the first Russian armored vehicles assembled only from domestic-produced parts and designs.

Currently, four different modifications of the vehicle have been developed: VPK-3927 (basic version with protected cabin and separate armored functional back module), VPK-39271 (with one integrated module), VPK-39272 (cargo and personnel transport version), and VPK-39273 (with extended transportation module).

The weight of the vehicle ranges from 7,500 to 11,500 kilograms (depending on the version and armor). The Volk can reach speeds of 120 kmh. It has an operational range of 1,000 kilometers. The vehicle can be armed with lethal weapon systems, anti-tank missile launchers, short-range air defense systems, and fire support weapons.



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