Iran Army unveils Khalij Fars and Moragheb radar systems

On Sunday, April 19, following the National Army Day that took place on April 17, the Iranian army held a ceremony for the unveiling of ‘Khalij Fars’ [Persian Gulf] and ‘Moragheb’ [Watchful] radars.

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Iran is boosting its air defense means by adding new radars (Picture source: MNA)

‘Khalij Fars’ is a strategic radar that has a range of over 800 kilometers. The high-tech 3D phased array radar can identify all conventional and stealth targets as well as ballistic missiles.

‘Moragheb’ is also a 3D phased array radar with a range of 400 kilometers that can detect flying targets – even small UAVs – with high accuracy. The system has been developed based on domestic knowledge in the Army’s Air Defense with the cooperation of knowledge-based companies.

Also, on Saturday, the Army’s Air Force and Air Defense received a large number of advanced combat and surveillance drones from the Ministry of Defense. Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced that a “massive number” of multirole, reconnaissance and combat UAVs, as well as Karrarr and Ababil-3 drones produced by the Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA) has been delivered to the Army’s Air Force and Air Defense. These drones will cover an important section of Air Defense and Air Force operations and can be used as target planes as well as for deception on the enemy’s air defense networks, he explained. The multirole drones have a speed of 900 km/h and a range of 1000 km, and can be deployed for a duration of 180 minutes without interruption at an altitude of 40,000–45,000 feet. Ababil-3 drones are mid-range combat drones with the capability of carrying various electro-optic and combat equipment. The defense chief added that the drones are mainly used for gathering and transmitting optical data and can also be deployed for combat operations with an operation range of 150 km. Hatami also said that jet-powered Karrar drones have the capability of carrying and dropping loads and have been upgraded to add combat and self-destruction capabilities.