Belarus unveils MM-60 grenade launcher

Belarus' BSVT-VV company has developed MM-60 multipurpose grenade launcher. The mockup of the MM-60 was unveiled at the DSA 2018 defense show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Belarus unveils MM 60 grenade launcher
Belarus' BSVT-VV company has developed MM-60 multipurpose grenade launcher (Picture source: Army Recognition)

According to the manufacturer, the MM-60 has been developed in accordance with modern tendencies, which dictate the necessity of fielding of a light grenade launcher equipped with a digital sighting system (DSS) and armed with an unguided rocket-propelled grenade with a multipurpose warhead. A DSS substantially increases the weapon's accuracy and reduces service costs.

The MM-60 grenade launcher incorporates a DSS and a containerized multipurpose rocket-propelled grenade. The weapon is designed to engage enemy's light armored vehicles, manpower wearing light armor vests, and light engineering installations.

The weapon can be fired from confined spaces, owing to a relatively small caliber and a smooth launch of the grenade. Four MM-60s can be integrated into a four-barrel (2x2) grenade launching system on the battlefield. Such a weapon is mounted on light vehicles, beefing up their combat potential.

The DSS allows neutralizing of the human factor and increasing firing accuracy in a substantial manner. Owing to modern optoelectronics and special software, distorting action made by an operator, including hand tremor, have been mitigated almost to the full extent. The DSS also features air burst function, shoring up the grenade's capabilities to engage an enemy's manpower in buildings and open engineering installations. The integration of a laser rangefinder, a ballistic calculator, and an inertial measurement unit allows defining of a target's trajectory and calculating of a position of the marker, making target engagement easier. The DSS is fitted with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail for collimator or reflex sights.

The manufacturer claims the MM-60's 60 mm rocket does not come short of those of 90 mm - 105 mm grenade launchers, exceeding them in terms of firing range.

According to BSVT-VV, the MM-60's containerized rocket has a weight of no more than 4 kg, while the DSS weighs about 1 kg. The weapon has a direct fire range of 150 m and a maximum fire range of 1,000 m. The launcher is reported to be accurate at a distance of 400 m.

In case of hit, the MM-60 can destroy a tank with probability 0.3 and a light armored vehicle (an infantry fighting vehicle or an armored personnel carrier) with a probability of 0.7. The grenade hits enemy's protected manpower with probability 0.5 in case of explosion at a distance of no more than 5 m from a target. The munition's warhead has an armor-piercing capability of 300 mm of rolled homogenous armor (RHA); it can also pierce an 1,000 m-thick wall made of reinforced concrete or bricks.

According to the representatives of BSVT-VV, Turkey and several Pacific countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Myanmar, showed their interest in the new grenade launcher at the DSA 2018 defense show.

Therefore, the MM-60 is a light disposable multipurpose rocket that is suitable for various missions. The weapon shares its tactical niche with the US-originated M72 LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon) grenade launcher that is intended for engaging light armored vehicles, field engineering installations, and various obstacles on the battlefield. Unlikely M72, the MM-60 is fitted with a digital sight and a warhead of enhanced effectiveness. Meanwhile, the integration of the DSS radically increases the MM-60's cost in comparison with foreign-originated analogues like the RPG-26 and the M72. Therefore, the new Belarusian development could hardly replace disposable anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades on the battlefield.


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