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Turkish Naval Ship TCG Kinaliada arrives in Colombo for diplomatic visit.

According to information published by the Sri Lanka Navy on July 9, 2024, the Turkish naval ship TCG Kinaliada docked at the port of Colombo, marking the beginning of a formal visit. The ship's arrival fosters naval cooperation and strengthens ties between Turkey and Sri Lanka.
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Turkish Ada class corvette TCG Kinaliada. (Picture source: Sri Lanka Navy)

The TCG Kinaliada is scheduled to depart Colombo on July 11. As part of the departure, the Turkish ship will participate in a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with a vessel from the Sri Lanka Navy in the waters off Colombo, enhancing operational interoperability between the two navies.

Deployment of TCG Kinaliada

The Turkish naval corvette TCG Kinaliada (F-514) embarked on a five-month deployment to Asia starting April 8, 2024. This mission commemorates the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan and the 134th anniversary of the Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul's voyage to Japan in 1890.

During this deployment, the TCG Kinaliada will visit numerous Asian countries, including Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Somalia, Maldives, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and South Korea.

The deployment is part of Turkey's "Asia Anew" initiative, launched in 2019 to reinforce ties with Asian nations, focusing on mutual benefits and avoiding political sensitivities. This mission also aims to promote Turkish defense products, such as the Atmaca anti-ship missile and the ADVENT combat management system, to potential buyers in the region​​.

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