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Accident at Bandar Abbas port: Iranian frigate Sahand loses balance during repairs.

According to information published by Tasnim News Agency July 7, 2024, the public relations office of the First Naval Zone in Bandar Abbas has announced an incident involving the Sahand frigate at the Bandar Abbas dock.
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The Iranian Moudge-class frigate Sahand in Bandar Abbas port. (Picture source: Tasnim News Agency)

According to the report, the Moudge-class frigate Sahand, which is currently undergoing repairs, lost its balance due to water leakage into its tanks. Fortunately, the shallow depth of the water has allowed for rapid efforts to restore the ship's balance.

About the frigate

The frigate Sahand is an important vessel within the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN), forming part of the Moudge-class of ships. Initially launched in 2012 and officially commissioned in December 2018, Sahand is notable for its role in enhancing Iran's naval capabilities and self-reliance in shipbuilding. This frigate was built at Bandar Abbas and honors the name of the original Sahand, which was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq War in 1988.

Sahand measures approximately 93.88 meters in length with a beam of 11.09 meters and a draught of 3.26 meters, displacing around 1,500 tons. The ship is propelled by four diesel engines, each providing 10,000 horsepower, and supported by four additional diesel generators.

The frigate's armament includes a 76mm Fajr-27 gun, anti-ship missiles such as the Noor and Qader, and surface-to-air missiles like the Mehrab. Additionally, it is equipped with various anti-aircraft and close-in weapon systems, including the Kamand system for defense against incoming missiles. Anti-submarine warfare capabilities are supported by triple-tube torpedo launchers.

Sahand's design incorporates stealth features, such as a radar-absorbing hull and minimized external protrusions, enhancing its operational efficiency and survivability. The ship also supports aviation operations with a flight deck that can accommodate a Bell 214 helicopter, useful for anti-submarine and reconnaissance missions.

In terms of operational history, Sahand has been part of significant missions, including a notable deployment to the Atlantic in 2021, marking a milestone for the Iranian Navy's reach.

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