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Seafuture 2021: Fincantieri NexTech showcases LAOS-3/HP gyro-stabilized optronic platform.

| 2021

At SeaFuture 2021, the International Naval and Maritime Defense Exhibition that takes place in the Naval Base of La Spezia in Italy from 28 September to 1 october 2021, Fincantieri NexTech LAOS-3/HP three-axes gyro-stabilized optronic platform.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 LAOS-3/HP three-axes gyro-stabilized optronic platform at Seafuture, La Spezia (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

LAOS-3/HP is a three-axes gyro-stabilized optronic platform equipped with Fire Control System for small/medium calibre weapons.

LAOS-3/HP has been designed to perform high-precision firing control operations in a dynamic war context. The system also provides additional features to the standard board equipment, ideal for surveillance operations and maritime security, patrolling and aids to navigation in shallow waters.

Two servo-controlled axes and the third inner stabilization device (elevation on azimuth) allow simultaneous pointing of LOS (Line of Sight) on both vision sensors: daylight camera (DLTV) and infrared cooled camera (IR). The platform allows also an high performance tracking of objects of potential interest independently from the relative movement of the ship (roll, pitch, yaw) and weather conditions.

The system is also equipped with a laser range finder, video tracker and DVR (optionally) and can be interfaced to the various devices installed on board (such as radar, speed log, weather stations, Combat Management Systems, weapons, etc). The Fire Control System (FCS) can be interfaced, on customer request, with a wide range of weapons.

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