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HALCON from UAE has developed the HAS-250 first local-made anti-ship cruise missile.

| 2021

UAE (United Arab Emirates) has developed its first local-made anti-ship cruise missile named HAS-250 (HALCON Anti-Ship 250) that was designed by the UAE-based company HALCON, a subdivision of EDGE, a cluster of defense and security companies from the United Arab Emirates.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 HALCON has unveiled its new local-made HAS-250 anti-ship cruise missile at IDEX 2021, INternational Land Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. (Picture source Navy Recognition)

The company HALCON is a regional leader in the production and supply of precision-guided weapons. Part of the Missiles and Weapons cluster of EDGE, the company also provides special manufacturing solutions, and automation and robotics consulting, and advisory services that help customers achieve their operational and tactical goals.

With its HAS-250 ((HALCON Anti-Ship 250), the UAE-based company HALCON has developed a new generation of an anti-ship missile to equip naval forces with the highest performing cruise missile system. Engineered to provide the highest performance, the HAS-250 utilizes Global Navigation Satellite and Inertial Navigation Systems (GNSS + INS) and for high accuracy targeting it is equipped with an active/passive terminal seeker and radio altimeter.

The HAS-250 is a UAE-designed and developed surface-to-surface missile capable of traveling at speeds of up to 0.8 Mach, with a range of over 250 km. During its terminal phase, it can fly towards its target at a sea-skimming altitude of below 5 m. With a solid propellant and HS-350 turbojet engine, the missile has a gross weight of 1,200 kg and is fitted with a 200 kg warhead. It has a length of 5.4 m and a diameter of 435 mm.

The HAS-250 anti-ship missile features a seeker with an active/passive radar radio altimeter for greater precision against naval and coastal targets. Offering mission planner wide flexibility, the missile can operate at altitudes up to 3 km and as low as 5-10 meters above the ground.

At IDEX 2021, the International Land Defense Exhibition that was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, HALCON has also presented a mobile coastal missile defense system based on a 6x6 ASTRA truck chassis HD 6648. The rear of the truck chassis is fitted with two launcher containers able to fire the HAS-250 anti-ship missile. The system is designed to engage surface ships including carrier battle groups, convoys, and landing craft.

HALCON from UAE has developed the HAS 250 first local made anti ship cruise missile 925 002
HALCON presents its mobile coastal missile defense system at IDEX 2021, using ASTRA truck and container missile launcher of HAS-250. (Picture source Navy Recognition)

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