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DEFEA 2021: Danish company Viking showcases Munin S1200.

| 2021

According to a press release published by VIKING Life-Saving Equipment on July 2021, the company chooses inaugural DEFEA Athens as first live event to showcase consolidated high-performance boat, life-saving and safety solutions for defence sector.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001Model of Munin S1200 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

With order volumes from defence customers in Greece at their highest level for many years, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment is taking the first ‘real-life’ opportunity to present its consolidated portfolio of products and services to naval and military clients in an encouraging market.

The return of a "real life" event comes at a time when Ministry of Defence procurement in Greece is gathering momentum. It also coincides with high activity at VIKING NORSAFE Life-Saving Hellas, the Danish company’s Greek subsidiary.

John Georgiadis, Managing Director, VIKING NORSAFE Life-Saving Hellas, says that VIKING’s boat production at plants in Norway, Greece and Asia has weathered COVID-19 challenges effectively. The first in a second batch of ambulance boats for the Hellenic Coastguard will leave its Athens plant at the end of July bound for the Sporades Islands. DEFEA will also provide a platform to introduce a new 14m fast patrol boat designed for a current tender.

In addition, the Athens event allows VIKING to highlight the June reopening of its training center in Lavrio and the lifting of travel restrictions on service engineers. Consolidated global service has been a key gain for clients following the 2018 acquisition of NORSAFE by VIKING, he says.

With a customer base including navies, air-forces, special forces, coast guards and SAR, law enforcement and harbor patrol, VIKING’s wider portfolio of life-saving equipment has also been turning heads in Greece, adds Søren Hansen, Senior Sales Manager Defence, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. VIKING will bring its new SOLAS-approved PV9380 VIKING YouSafe Vanguard lifejacket to DEFEA, designed for its compatibility with other safety equipment. Another new life-saving product disclosure is being saved for the show itself, says Hansen.

The Norsafe Munin S1200 represents a state of the art platform for all professional user groups requiring the highest possible quality in terms of seaworthiness, user-friendliness and safety at sea in all conditions. A Twin‐Stepped well‐proven deep V-Hull with superior shock mitigation, stability and maneuverability. Built to operate reliably and effectively in extreme conditions.

The boat is designed to serve the patrol, boarding and inspection role, with deck layout allowing the crew to operate efficiently and comfortably over long periods of time. The layout and performance of the boat ensures optimum diving support, survey and work boat duties.

The VIKING Norsafe Munin S1200 has a twin waterjet from Alamarin with joystick control and dynamic positioning. It employs a twin installation, Mercury diesel engines developing 740 hp offering a top speed of 45 knots.

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