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US Navy officially commissioned USS St Louis LCS 19 Freedom-class littoral combat ship.

| 2020

According to information published by the U.S. Defense Information website on August 8, 2020, the U.S. Navy will commission USS St Louis ( LCS19) Freedom-class littoral combat ship, today, August 8, 2020. A live event will be broadcasted on the United States defense information website, today.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 USS ST. LOUIS LCS 19 - Downbound Port Huron, Michigan 6-21-2020. (Picture source Paul Murray Youtube)

The USS St. Louis (LCS-19) is a Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship built by Marinette Marine for th United States Navy. She is the seventh ship in naval service named after St. Louis, Missouri. She was christened and launched on 15 December 2018.

The USS St. Louis is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship, one of two classes of the littoral combat ship program, built for the United States Navy.

The LCS is a relatively inexpensive surface combatant equipped with modular mission packages. The LCS program includes two very different LCS designs. One, called the LCS-1 or Freedom-class design, was developed by an industry team led by Lockheed. The other, called the LCS-2 or Independence-class design, was developed by an industry team that was then led by General Dynamics. LCS procurement has been divided more or less evenly between the two designs. The LCS-1 design is built at the Marinette Marine shipyard at Marinette, WI, with Lockheed as the prime contractor. The LCS-2 design is built at the Austal USA shipyard at Mobile, AL, with Austal USA as the prime contractor.

The Freedom-class ship is a semi-planing steel monohull with an aluminum superstructure. It is 115 m in length, displaces 3,500 metric tons, and can achieve 87 km/h (54 mph). The design incorporates a large, reconfigurable seaframe to allow rapidly interchangeable mission modules, a flight deck with integrated helicopter launch, recovery and handling system, and the capability to launch and recover boats (manned and unmanned) from both the stern and side.

The USS St Louis LCS is armed with one BAE Systems Mk 110 57 mm naval gun, RIM-116 Rolling Airframe surface-to-air Missiles, Honeywell Mk 50 Torpedo that can be used against fast, deep-diving submarines, NETFIRES PAM missile in the ASuW module, two 50. Caliber heavy machine guns as well as 4 Bushmaster 30mm automatic cannons.

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