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Sevmash Shipyard installs heavy equipment on Admiral Nakhimov cruiser.

| 2020

Sevmash Shipyard which is overhauling the Admiral Nakhimov heavy nuclear cruiser of project 11442M began a new stage of work. It is installing large-size equipment, the shipyard said.

Sevmash installs heavy equipment on Admiral Nakhimov cruiser 925 001 The Admiral Nakhimov in the dry dock at Sevmash (Picture source: Sevmash)

"The work is simultaneously proceeding in the bow and stern engine rooms. The main turbine is prepared for installation. The shaft is to be assembled soon," it said.

Anchor and mooring mechanisms have been prepared. Cabins, insulation and cables are being built. Specific attention is paid to safety and exercises are regularly held. The shipyard has to float the cruiser from the dry dock and complete the overhaul at the embankment.

The Admiral Nakhimov heavy nuclear cruiser of project 1144 is designed to destroy sea targets, strike at coastal objects, ensure air defense of a navy formation. It was floated in 1986 and became operational in 1988. It has been berthed at Sevmash since 1999. The decision to restore the warship was made in 2012. An overhaul contract was signed in 2013. The Admiral Nakhimov will be able to fire Kalibr missiles. The displacement is 24500 tons, the length is 251 meters. Full speed power is 140000 HP, the speed is 31 knots. The crew comprises 728 men. The cruiser can carry a Ka-27 helicopter or its modifications.

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