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Severnaya verf shipyard tests diesel generators of supply vessel.

| 2020

Severnaya Verf Shipyard began trials of diesel generators of the Vsevolod Bobrov first serial supply vessel of project 23120, the enterprise said.

Severnaya verf shipyard tests diesel generators of supply vessel 925 001 Project 23120 supply vessel Vsevolod Bobrov (Picture source: OSK JSC)

"In April, the shipyard and the counteragent Vjartsilja Vostok Company tested autonomous operation of the four diesel generators in various regimes. They also tested the generator which powers the vessel at berth. In late April, inspectors of the Russian Maritime Register tested the running and manoeuvring characteristics of the duty and rescue boats. The maximum speed is 30 knots," it said.

In May, the Vsevolod Bobrov has to complete trials of hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons. Some tests with 16-ton cargo have been held. Anchor mechanisms are to be also tested.

The Vsevolod Bobrov is the second vessel of project 23120 built by the shipyard. The Elbrus lead vessel joined the Northern fleet in 2018 and has made a 175-day round-the-world voyage with a group of Russian warships.

The Vsevolod Bobrov has been upgraded. Its deck was reinforced and equipped with additional devices, such as a grab to load bulk cargo and fixtures for automobiles and tracked hardware.

Project 23120 supply vessel is designed to transport cargoes and tow, engage in hydrographic research, assist vessels in distress. Its cranes and dynamic positioning system allows loading operations at unequipped berths and in the open sea. The vessel has a diving complex with a decompression chamber for deep-water work. The automatic A1 class ensures unattended operation. Project 23120 vessel is 95-meter long and 22-meter wide and has a 9-meter draft. The speed is 18 knots, the displacement is 9500 tons, the cruising range is 5000 nautical miles, autonomous navigation is 60 days.

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