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Russian Navy to commission more than 40 ships in 2020.

| 2020

Recently, Tass News Agency announced the commissioning of 40 ships and vessels of various classes in 2020, Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov said in an interview with the Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda on Monday.
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Russian Navy to commission more than 40 ships in 2020 925 001Steregushchiy-class corvette Retivy (Picture source: Peter Kovalev/TASS)

"Overall, about 40 ships and vessels of various classes will be accepted for service with the Russian Navy in 2020," the admiral said, stressing that this suggested the efficient implementation of the military shipbuilding program in Russia.

The admiral cited as an example the float-out of new serial-produced ocean-going warships: the corvette Retivy and the frigate Admiral Golovko.

"Their crews underwent training under new programs at the Navy’s integrated training center, which were worked out taking into account the operation of new hardware and armament," the Navy chief said.

The Admiral Golovko is the Project 22350 third ship. Project 22350 frigates are expected to become the Russian Navy’s most advanced warships in their class. These frigates displace 4,500 tonnes and can develop a speed of 29 knots. They are armed with Oniks and Kalibr missiles and Poliment-Redut air defense missile systems.

The Project 22350 lead frigate Admiral Gorshkov entered service with the Russian Navy in July 2018. The Project’s first serial-produced frigate Admiral Kasatonov was put afloat in 2014 and is expected to enter service with the Navy in July. The Project 22350 frigate Admiral Golovko was laid down on February 1, 2012 and floated out in May 2020. Three more frigates of this Project are at various stages of their construction at the Severnaya Shipyard.

The Retivy is the Project 20380 sixth serial-produced (seventh-built) corvette laid out at the Severnaya Shipyard in St. Petersburg on February 12, 2015. In October 2017, the construction of the ship’s hull was completed and in March 2018 engines and the reduction gear were installed on it.

Project 20380 ships developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering (St. Petersburg) are designed to accomplish green-water escort and strike missions and patrol coastal waters. They are armed with universal artillery guns, surface-to-air missile/artillery systems, supersonic missiles and automatic artillery launchers. The Project 20380 corvettes can carry a Ka-27 helicopter.


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