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Navy of South Korea has launched 4th Yangyang-class minesweeper ship Namhae MSH-575.

| 2020

According to news published on the Facebook account of ROK armed forces, April 14, 2020, the Republic of Korea Navy's 4th Yangyang-class minesweeper ROKS Namhae (MSH-575) was recently launched by Kangnam Corporation shipyard.

Navy of South Korea has launched 4th Yangyang class minesweeper ship Namhae MSH 575 925 001 Yangyang-class minesweeper Ongjin. (Picture source Wikimedia)

The South Korean Navy originally planned to build a total of 8 Yangyang-class MSH, but only 3 were built likely due to budgetary restrictions. The minesweeper acquisition program, once thought abandoned, was recently revived with news of additional ships being built.

Yangyang-class ship is a ship class of minesweepers currently in service on the Republic of Korea Navy. A minesweeper is a small warship designed to engage in minesweeping. Using various mechanisms intended to counter the threat posed by naval mines, waterways are kept clear for safe shipping.

Yangyang-class ships are 60 meters long, 10.5 m wide. They are equipped with a Multi-purpose machine gun, a 20 mm main gun, and Mine Disposal Vehicle (MDV). They use two Voith Schneider Propellers as propulsion, to control the ship more precisely. To perform minesweeping activities, mechanical/inductive minesweeping device and sonar’s are equipped

To protect the ship from magnetic mine, the ship's hull is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, which does not have a magnetic attraction, and lasts longer than commonly used material. It also minimized metallic equipment to tightly control the magnetic material inside the ship. Steel objects that are brought into the ship, like canned food, are heavily restricted and strictly controlled.

A Kongsberg Simrad integrated navigation and dynamic positioning system is fitted to aid in precise maneuvering during mine hunting and route survey operations. The machinery system comprises two MTU 2,000 bhp diesel driving two independent vertical Voith-Schneider cycloidal propellers through a gearbox and universal joint shaft.

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