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Indian Coast Guard has commissioned its second OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel Samarth-class.

| 2020

Indian Coast Guard on December 15, 200, has commissioned second in the series of 05 OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) Samarth-class Indian-made designed and built by the Indian shipyard Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL). The vessel has been named ICGS Saksham.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Indian Coast Guard Samarth-class OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel. (Picture source Twitter account Indian Coast Guard)

The local-made OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) was launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Medi on November 13, 2016. Since then two vessels have been commissioned and all five have been launched. The second in the class of 05 Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), built on GSL’s ‘in-house’ design was delivered to the Indian Coast Guard on 12th Nov 2020.

The Samarth-class OPVs are a series of eleven offshore patrol vessels being built by Goa Shipyard Limited for the Indian Coast Guard. The ships are being constructed in two Flight I and II, six Flight I ordered in May 2012 that was completed in December 2017, and five Flight II ordered in August 2016.

The Samarth-class OPV is powered by two MTU 20V 8000 M71L engines rated at 9,100 kW (12,200 hp). The ship can reach a top speed of 23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph) with a maximum cruising range of 6,000 nmi (11,000 km; 6,900 mi) at 12 kn (22 km/h; 14 mph). The ship is designed to carry one twin engine Light Helicopter and five high-speed boats including two Palfinger QRIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) for fast boarding operations, search and rescue, law enforcement, and maritime patrol. The class is also capable of carrying pollution response equipment to combat oil spill contamination at sea.

The Samarth-class OPV is armed with one 30 mm CRN 91 Naval Gun, a naval version of the Medak 30mm automatic gun installed on the Sarath Infantry fighting vehicle and two 12.7 mm heavy machine guns. The ship has an endurance of 20 days and a crew of 18 officers and 108 sailors.

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