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Israel to possibly send Iron Dome air defense system to Ukraine.

| 2023

In an unprecedented move, Israel might send its Iron Dome air defense missile system to Ukraine. According to an Ukrinform correspondent, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in an interview with Tara John and Rob Picheta for CNN on February 1. "Well, I'm certainly looking into it," Netanyahu said when asked whether Israel can send air defense systems to Ukraine. Netanyahu promised during his election campaign that he would consider supplying weapons to Ukraine if elected.
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Launcher unit of the Iron Dome air defense missile system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Ukraine has already received a large number of air defense systems from the U.S. and several Western countries. And the ‘’flow’’ will continue. Now, another scale of air defense is envisaged with the Iron Dome, the renowned system deployed by Israel. Should it actually be deployed, it could only protect one or some selected areas of Ukraine, as extending the protection to the whole country would be unaffordable.

As a reminder, the Iron Dome is one of the world's most efficient air defense missile systems. It was specially designed to counter artillery ammunition and rockets. The Iron Dome is now in service with the U.S. Army. In recent years, the United States has already provided more than $1.6 billion for Israel to develop and build the system.

The Iron Dome is a mobile defense solution for countering short-range rockets and 155 mm artillery shell threats with ranges of up to 70 km in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms, or fog. The Iron Dome was developed by the Israeli Defence company Rafael in collaboration with the United States.

Iron Dome is composed of three fundamental elements - detection and tracking radar, battle management, and weapon control system (BMC). A missile firing unit (MFU) with 20 ready-to-fire from container launchers (three launchers for one single battery). The radar system EL/M-2084 has been developed by an Israeli defense company, Elta. The control system has been built by an Israeli software company, mPrest Systems, engaged by Rafael.

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