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Comprehensive range of Verney-Carron's Flash-Ball less-lethal weapons at SITDEF 2015 1605156.

| 2015
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International Defence Technology Exhibition &
Prevention of Natural Disasters
14 -17 May 2015, Lima, Peru
Verney-Carron at SITDEF 2015
Comprehensive range of Verney-Carron's Flash-Ball non-lethal weapons at SITDEF 2015
Thanks to its last participation in Sitdef in 2013, French manufacturer of non-lethal weapons Verney-Carron noticed some strong opportunities in Peru, this explains why the company is back this year. At SITDEF 2015, which is running from 14-17 May in Lima, Peru, Verney-Carron is introducing a comprehensive range of non-lethal weapon systems, such as the Flash-Ball Super-Pro (FBSP).
Comprehensive range of Verney Carron Flash Ball less lethal weapons at SITDEF 2015 640 001Verney-Carron Flash-Ball Super Pro non-lethal weapon exhibited at SITDEF 2015 with full range of ammunitions
Verney-Carron developped a new kind of weapon, capable of delivering an effective solution to riot police dealing with protestors, demonstrations and aggressive gatherings, day-in, day-out. This is why the Famous Flash-Ball® was born. Over these last two years, the French company has been running a few demonstrations and presentations to the Peruvian National Police, who showed a great interest in such innovations.

This year Verney-Carron is introducing to the market, the last “born” of the range, the Flash-Ball “Mini-Pro”, and for sure it is going to be helpfull for both National Police so as the “Serenasgos” in their every day job and avoid accidents.

Also showcased at SITDEF 2015 is the Flash-Ball Super Pro weapo, deisgned exclusively for professional uses by the various forces that are confronted with law enforcement and zone securing. The FBSP fires 44mm less-lethal balls. The company claims they contain 20% less energy at 7 meters than a .38 Special. The company has also developed a round which deploys seven CS cartridges in the air to create a cloud of CS gas covering an area of 400 sqm.

The FBSP can fire rubber bullets, gum balls, CS with 3 cartridges, CS with 7 tubes, and buckshot cartridges with 9 small balls. The FBSP can be fitted with Picatinnny rails, which allow installation of accessories as tactical lights and laser aiming modules. Verney-Carron Flash-Ball Super Pro has been recently purchased by the Peruvian National Police.



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