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MKEK from Türkiye delivers first Boran 105mm light towed howitzers to Turkish army.

| 2022

In December 2022, the Turkish Defense company MKEK (Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu - Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) delivered the first batch of seven BORAN 105mm light towed howitzers to the Turkish army.
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The Boran is a 105mm light towed howitzer developed and produced by the Turkish company MKEK. (Picture source Twitter account Alem-i Ulema)

The Boran is a 105mm light towed howitzer fully designed and developed in Turkey by the company MKEK (Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu) to meet requirements for the Turkish Army. MKEK was established in 1950 and produces ammunition for small arms and heavy weapons, artillery systems, aerial bombs, mines, explosives, and rockets.

A prototype of the BORAN 105mm howitzer was presented in 2019 during the defense exhibition IDEF in Istanbul, Türkiye. The design of the Turkish-made Boran 105mm light towed howitzer seems similar to the French LG1 designed and manufactured by the company Nexter Systems, which is now part of KNDS.

During the IDEF 2019 exhibition, MKEK announced that the first four prototypes of the Boran had been manufactured and the first qualifications will be conducted in May of the same year.

The Boran is based on a bow-type carriage with two wheels at the front. In road position, the saddle and 105 mm/30 caliber ordnance can be traversed to the rear and locked in position. It has a variable recoil system that varies from 800 mm (short) to 120 mm (long), and the barrel is provided with a muzzle brake. Traverse is 8° left and right, with elevation from -3° to 70°.

The Boran 105mm is equipped with a computerized fire control system developed by the Turkish company Aselsan that includes a ballistic computer system, an inertial navigation system, and radar mounted on the barrel to measure the muzzle.

The Boran light gun has a maximum firing range of 17 km with a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. It has a weight of 1,780 kg and is operated by a crew of five. According to the manufacturer, it takes only 60 seconds for the crew to put the Boran into action and fire the first round.

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