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Colombia approves the purchase of 50 US LAV III DVH 8x8 armored vehicles.

| 2022

According to information published by the "InfoDefensa" website on May 20, 2022, the government of Colombia has approved the purchase of 50 LAV III DVH 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles manufactured by the American company General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS).
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LAV III 8x8 armored vehicle of the Colombian army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Citing information from "InfoDefensa" website, the purchase of the LAV III DVH 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles was negotiated directly with GDLS (General Dynamics Land Systems). the new vehicles will strengthen the combat capabilities of the Colombian armed forces.

Colombia has also launched a modernization plan for the modernization of its armed forces including the purchase of M1117 4x4 armored vehicles manufactured by the American company Textron. Colombia also has shown interest to acquire M1A2 main battle tanks.

In 2014, the Colombian Army received 28 Commando wheeled armored vehicles ordered from the United States in 2013. The Commando is a larger version of the older American M1117 ASVs (Armored Security Vehicles). The Colombian army has chosen to acquire wheeled vehicles which make it easier to carry out checks on the country's roads where revolutionary armed forces (FARC) or drug gangs are active.

The LAV III DVH (Double-V Hul) is an improved version of the LAV III that provides greatly improved survivability and protection. The Double-V Hull configuration of the LAV provides unprecedented survivability against mines and IEDs, while the new driveline and suspension significantly improve the vehicle’s payload capacity, ride stability, and reliability.

The LAV III DVH can be fitted with a remotely operated weapon station which is used to provide direct fire support to dismounted Infantrymen during assaults. The new Double-V Hull ICV is one of the most versatile, mobile, and safest personnel carriers in the U.S. Army’s inventory.

According to the military balance 2021, the Colombian army has a total of 60 wheeled armored vehicles in IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) configuration including 28 Commando Advanced and 32 LAV III.

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